• Horses can develop a range of behavioural problems, which if left untreated, could cause the relationship between horse and human to break down. With many different well-meaning opinions offered to solve such situations, it can be difficult to find the right path.

    In this book, Rose Scofield examines behavioural issues using the latest academic research. Offering practical solutions and with useful diagrams and photographs throughout, the book helps to protect and develop the horse-human relationship. It:
    - Addresses issues by circumstance, making it easy to find solutions to all your handling, groundwork, and riding problems;
    - Uses scientific research to investigate both the problems themselves and the methods tasked to solve them;
    - Includes illuminating case studies illustrating problems and how solutions work in practice.

    Beginning with an introduction to the main principles of equitation science, Solving Equine Behaviour Problems then covers over 30 major issues, including biting, kicking, separation anxiety, loading, shying, bucking and bolting. It provides key points, take home messages and scientific references, translating lessons from experimental science into practical help for both professionals and the horse enthusiast.

  • Rose M Scofield

    Entered the academic life late, having spent her formative years in customer service. Having always been involved with horses she eventually decided to start a degree in the subject of Equine Behaviour and Training. While studying, she worked at a veterinary surgery, as a welfare officer with a cat charity and, once qualified, ran a hobby business as a behaviour consultant. She saw some very interesting cases, which she found could be solved using the new discipline of equitation science now emerging from the twin fields of ethology and learning theory. During this time, Rose found a desire for discovering why horses act the way they do, and also how we as humans could intervene to improve their welfare in their relationships with us. Her career in research stemmed from this, and subsequently she has presented her research around the world. Her first foray into research looked at performance, but soon deviated into the world of equitation science, exploring the relationship between horse and rider/handler. Rose has completed three pieces of research into bitless bridles, and four in issues concerning the safety of horses and riders on our roads. She now intends to combine aspects of behaviour and road safety, and is beginning to explore how our knowledge of the behaviours of horses on our roads can add to the profile of keeping them (and us) as safe as possible.