Ultrasonography is a vital diagnostic tool that can be applied in numerous functions in a veterinary practice. In conjunction with relevant clinical information—patient history and physical examination findings, for example—it can act as an important aid in the veterinarian’s decision-making process. Many vets in equine practice rely upon ultrasonography as a mainstay of equine diagnostic imaging on a wide range of structures and body systems. Ultrasonography is a useful procedure that is non-invasive and acts in complement to radiography to successfully diagnose the animal’s condition. This book’s aim is to encourage the clinician to rely further on the use of ultrasonography in their practice.

    The second edition of Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography provides an updated and expanded revision of the first atlas of ultrasonography in the horse. The first edition of this important resource was the first pictorially-based book to cover ultrasonography in the horse, and remains the only book currently available on the subject. The current version offers 450 additional images with greater clarity and precision in the images throughout and demonstrates how to obtain images in each body region while offering clinical ultrasonograms that show pathology.

    Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography readers will also find:

    • High-quality clinical ultrasonograms for important musculoskeletal, reproductive, and medical conditions in the horse
    • More than 1,500 images, with accompanying concise text describing the images
    • A companion website that provides video clips showing dynamic ultrasound exams

    Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography is an invaluable reference to any veterinarian evaluating ultrasonograms in equine patients. As a result, this book will be of particular interest to equine specialists, veterinary radiologists, equine practitioners, and veterinary students.

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    Introduction 1
    Kimberly Palgrave and Jessica Kidd

    Section 1 Musculoskeletal 23

    1 Ultrasonography of the Foot and Pastern 25
    Ann Carstens and Roger K.W. Smith

    2 Ultrasonography of the Fetlock 49
    Eddy R.J. Cauvin and Roger K.W. Smith

    3 Ultrasonography of the Metacarpus and Metatarsus 85
    Roger K.W. Smith and Eddy R.J. Cauvin

    4 Ultrasonography of the Carpus 128
    Ann Carstens and Sheelagh Higgerty

    5 Ultrasonography of the Elbow and Shoulder 148
    Barbara Riccio

    6 Ultrasonography of the Hock 173
    Katherine S. Garrett

    7 Ultrasonography of the Stifle 189
    Eddy R.J. Cauvin

    8 Ultrasonography of the Pelvis 229
    Marcus Head

    9 Ultrasonography of the Back and Neck 243
    Marcus Head

    10 Ultrasonography of the Head 255
    Debra Archer

    Section 2 Reproduction 267

    Section 2a Ultrasonography of the Stallion Reproductive Tract 269

    11 Ultrasonography of the Internal Reproductive Tract 271
    Malgorzata A. Pozor

    12 Ultrasonography of the Penis 300
    Malgorzata A. Pozor

    13 Ultrasonography of the Testes 310
    Charles Love

    Section 2b Ultrasonography of the Mare Reproductive Tract 321

    14 Use of Ultrasonography in the Evaluation of the Non-Pregnant Mare 323
    Walter Zent

    15 Use of Ultrasonography for Evaluation of Mare Reproductive Abnormalities 331
    Ryan A. Ferris and Kristina G. Lu

    16 Transrectal Ultrasonography of Early Equine Gestation – the First 60 Days 347
    Chelsie A. Burden

    17 Use of Early Gestation Ultrasonography in Twin Management 363
    Richard Holder

    18 Use of Ultrasonography in Equine Fetal Sex Determination between 55 and 200 days of Gestation 370
    Richard Holder

    19 Use of Ultrasonography in Fetal Development and Monitoring 383
    Stefania Bucca

    Section 3 Internal Medicine 407

    20 Thoracic Ultrasonography, Non Cardiac 409
    Peter R. Morresey

    21 Ultrasonography of the Heart 421
    Katharyn J. Mitchell and Colin C. Schwarzwald

    22 Ultrasonography of the Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Bladder, and Peritoneal Cavity 446
    Nathan Slovis

    23 Ultrasonography of the Gastrointestinal Tract 465
    Rana Bozorgmanesh

    24 Equine Ocular Ultrasonography 481
    Rodolfo Gialletti

    25 Ultrasonography of the Soft Structures of the Neck 510
    Massimo Magri

    26 Ultrasonography of Vascular Structures 540
    Rana Bozorgmanesh

    27 Umbilical Remnant Preparation and Scanning Technique 547
    Massimo Magri

    28 Post Foaling Complications 558
    Peter R. Morresey

    29 Neonatology 573
    J. Barry David

    Index 580

  • Jessica A. Kidd, BA, DVM, CertES(Orth), Dipl. ECVS, MRCVS, is an RCVS and European Recognized specialist in Equine Surgery based in Oxfordshire, UK.

    Kristina G. Lu, VMP, Dipl. ACT, is a specialist in equine reproduction at Hagyard Equine Medical Insitute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

    Michele L. Frazer, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM ACVECC, is a specialist in equine internal medicine and emergency and critical care medicine at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Lexington, Kentucky, USA.