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The Ethology of Domestic Animals : An Introductory Text

De: P Jensen, Linköping University, Sweden
ISBN: 9781786391650
2017, Cabi Books
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Páginas: 360

  • Completely updated, revised and redesigned in colour throughout, this classic bestselling text continues to provide a concise introduction to the important fundamentals of animal behaviour from genetics, physiology, motivation, learning and cognition, through to social and reproductive behaviour, abnormal behaviour and human-animal interactions.

    - Concise but comprehensive coverage of all the fundamentals of animal behaviour in companion, farm and laboratory animals.
    - Expert authors and key opinion leaders from around the world provide the latest evidence-based information on animal behaviour and welfare.
    - A revised layout and design, means it is easy to find key information at a glance, making it an ideal rapid revision tool.
    - New for the third edition: new chapters on fur animals with the inclusion of more species and expanded sections on canine behaviour.

    This text remains a highly respected, essential resource for both students and lecturers in animal and veterinary science, animal welfare, zoology and psychology.

    • 1: The study of animal behaviour and its applications, Per Jensen
    • 2: Behaviour genetics, evolution and domestication, Per Jensen
    • 3: Behaviour and physiology, Anna Valros and Laura Hänninen
    • 4: Motivation and the organisation of behaviour, Georgia Mason and Melissa Bateson
    • 5: Learning and Cognition, Michael Mendl and Christine J. Nicol
    • 6: Social and reproductive behaviour, Daniel M. Weary and David Fraser
    • 7: Play and ontogeny of behaviour, Susan Held
    • 8: Introduction to animal personality, Hanne Løvlie
    • 9: Abnormal behaviour, stress and welfare, Linda Keeling and Per Jensen
    • 10: Human-animal relations, Susanne Waiblinger
    • 11: Behaviour of domesticated birds: chickens, turkeys and ducks, Joy Mench
    • 12: Behaviour of horses, Daniel Mills and Sarah Redgate
    • 13: Behaviour of Cattle, Cassandra B. Tucker
    • 14: The behaviour of sheep and goats, Cathy Dwyer
    • 15: Behaviour of pigs, Marek Špinka
    • 16: BEHAVIOUR OF DOGS, Deborah L. Wells
    • 17: Behaviour of cats, John Bradshaw
    • 18: Behaviour of Foxes and Mink kept for Fur Production, Anne-Lene Hovland, Leena Ahola, Jens Malmkvist
    • 19: The behaviour of laboratory mice and rats, Hanno Würbel, Charlotte Burn and Naomi Latham
  • Per Jensen

    Linköping University | LiU · Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM)

    I am the head of the AVIAN behavioural genomics and physiology group, and my research is focussed on genetics and epigenetics of behaviour related to domestication and welfare of chickens and dogs.