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Monitoring and Intervention for the Critically Ill Small Animal: The Rule of 20

De: Rebecca Kirby (Editor) , Andrew Linklater (Editor)
ISBN: 9781118900833
2016, Wiley
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Páginas: 424

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  • Monitoring and Intervention for the Critically Ill Small Animal: The Rule of 20 offers guidance for assessing the patient, interpreting diagnostic test results, and selecting appropriate monitoring procedures.

    • Based on Rebecca Kirby’s time-tested Rule of 20, with a chapter devoted to each item on the checklist
    • Provides comprehensive guidance for monitoring a critically ill small animal patient
    • Emphasizes the interplay of each parameter with one another
    • Designed for fast access on the clinic floor, with potentially life-saving ideas, tips, lists and procedures
    • Presents tables, schematics, algorithms, and drawings for quick reference
  • Contributors, ix

    Preface, xi

    Acknowledgments, xiii

    1 An introduction to SIRS and the Rule of 20, 1
    Rebecca Kirby

    2 Fluid balance, 9
    Rebecca Kirby and Elke Rudloff

    3 Blood pressure, 29
    Lauren Sullivan

    4 Albumin and colloid osmotic pressure, 43
    Adesola Odunayo

    5 Glucose, 55
    Natara Loose

    6 Electrolytes, 73
    Linda Barton and Rebecca Kirby

    7 Acid–base status, 95
    Ryan Wheeler and Jan Kovacic

    8 Oxygenation and ventilation, 109
    Christin Reminga and Lesley G. King

    9 Coagulation, 137
    Andrew Linklater

    10 Red blood cells and hemoglobin, 157
    Andrew Linklater and Veronica Higgs

    11 Heart rate, rhythm, and contractility, 177
    Dennis E. Burkett

    12 Neurological status, 207
    Christine Iacovetta

    13 The renal system, 225
    Lee Herold

    14 White blood cells, immune status, and antimicrobial stewardship, 247
    Carol E. Haak

    15 Gastrointestinal system motility and integrity, 267
    Jennifer Klaus

    16 Nutritional status, 285
    Caroline Tonozzi

    17 Temperature, 303
    Conni Wehausen

    18 Drug selection and dosing regimens, 319
    Dawn Merton Boothe

    19 Pain management, 333
    Armi Pigott

    20 Veterinary nursing care, 349
    Heather Darbo and Cheryl Page

    21 Wounds and bandages, 373
    Jennifer J. Devey, Andrew Linklater and Rebecca Kirby

    22 Anesthesia of the critical patient, 389
    Susan E. Leonard

    Index, 401

  • Rebecca Kirby, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC, was formerly an Associate Professor and Director of Emergency Services at the University of Pennsylvania, and served as owner of the Animal Emergency Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA for 21 years.

    Andrew Linklater, DVM, DACVECC, was trained at the Animal Emergency Center and is currently a Clinical Instructor at Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.