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Fracture Management for the Small Animal Practitioner

De: Anne M. Sylvestre (Editor)
ISBN: 9781119215813
2019, Wiley
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Páginas: 296

  • Fracture Management for the Small Animal Practitioner offers practical strategies and helpful approaches for managing fractures in dogs and cats.

    • Contains all the information needed to successfully manage the most common fractures in dogs and cats

    • Emphasizes clinically oriented tips for treating fractures from experienced surgeons

    • Offers an abundance of color photographs to illustrate the techniques

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    Unit 1

    Chapter 1: Fracture Identification

    Chapter 2: Open Fractures

    Chapter 3: Patient Management

    Chapter 4: Bandages and Splints

    Unit 2

    Chapter 5: Mandible and Maxilla

    Chapter 6: Scapula

    Chapter 7: Shoulder

    Chapter 8: Humerus

    Chapter 9: Elbow

    Chapter 10: Radius and Ulna

    Chapter 11: Carpus

    Unit 3

    Chapter 12: Pelvis

    Chapter 13: Coxofemoral Joint

    Chapter 14: Femur

    Chapter 15: Stifle

    Chapter 16: Tibia and Fibula

    Chapter 17: Tarsus

    Chapter 18: Paw (Manus and Pes)

    Unit 4

    Chapter 19: Essential Information on Fracture Repair

    Chapter 20: Pins and Wires

    Chapter 21: Plating

    Chapter 22: External Fixators

    Chapter 23: Repair of Physeal Fractures

    Chapter 24: Fractures of the Jaw

    Chapter 25: Approaches to the Long Bones

    Chapter 26: Implants

  • Anne M. Sylvestre, DVM, DVSc, CCRP, DACVS, DECVS, is a Surgeon at the Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital in Oakville, Ontario, Canada.