• Offers a long-awaited Second Edition of this comprehensive, state-of-the-art reference for fracture repair in horses

    The Second Edition of Equine Fracture Repair has been thoroughly revised and updated to present the most current information on fracture repair in horses. Written to be accessible, the text is logically arranged, presenting the most authoritative information on equine fracture repair with explanations of the expected outcomes. The book provides valuable insight as to whether a fracture should be repaired, the degree of difficulty of the procedure, and a wealth of practical information on surgical techniques.

    This fully revised Second Edition offers a valuable tool for veterinarians making clinical decisions when faced with horse fractures, covering emergency care and splinting, the most current innovative techniques in equine fracture repair, and new implant systems. With contributions from leading experts in the field, the revised edition continues to be the essential reference to the subject. This essential resource:

    • Offers a revised edition of the most comprehensive reference on the repair of fracture in horses, with complete information on patient assessment, emergency splinting and casting, and guidance in treatment choices
    • Includes contributions from leading experts in the field
    • Presents information organized by fracture type for quick access
    • Provides valuable outcome assessment with helpful discussions of the degree of difficulty to aid in case management, incorporating information on the newest techniques and implant systems
    • Concludes with extensive information on the identification and management of complications associated with fractures and repair methods

    This revised and updated edition of Equine Fracture Repair continues to provide a comprehensive resource for understanding the most effective and current techniques available for the treatment of fractures in horses.

  • Preface to the Second Edition

    Preface to the First Edition

    SECTION 1 Introduction

    CHAPTER 1 Bone Structure and the Response of Bone to Stress

    Mark D. Markel

    CHAPTER 2 Fracture Biomechanics

    Mark D. Markel

    CHAPTER 3 Fracture Healing

    Mark D. Markel

    CHAPTER 4 General Considerations in Selecting Cases for Fracture Repair

    Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 5 Racetrack Fracture Management and Emergency Care

    Ian M. Wright

    CHAPTER 6 First Aid and Transportation of Equine Fracture Patients

    Larry R. Bramlage

    CHAPTER 7 Perioperative Considerations

    Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 8 Surgical Equipment and Implants for Fracture Repair

    Joerg A. Auer

    CHAPTER 9 Principles of Fracture Fixation

    Alan J. Nixon, Joerg A. Auer, and Jeffrey P. Watkins

    CHAPTER 10 Application of the Locking Compression Plate (LCP)

    Dean W. Richardson

    CHAPTER 11 Bone Grafts and Bone Substitutes

    Mark D. Markel

    CHAPTER 12 Biologic Agents to Enhance Fracture Healing

    Mark D. Markel

    CHAPTER 13 Casting and Transfixed Casting Techniques

    Ashlee E. Watts and Lisa A. Fortier

    SECTION 2 Specific Fractures

    CHAPTER 14 Fractures of the Distal Phalanx

    Alan. J Nixon, Norm G Ducharme, and Alicia L Bertone

    CHAPTER 15 Fractures of the Navicular Bone

    Michael C. Schramme and Roger K. Smith

    CHAPTER 16 Arthrodesis of the Distal Interphalangeal Joint

    Chad J. Zubrod and Robert K. Schneider

    CHAPTER 17 Fractures of the Middle Phalanx

    Jeffrey P. Watkins

    CHAPTER 18 Arthrodesis of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint

    Jeffrey P. Watkins

    CHAPTER 19 Fractures of the Proximal Phalanx

    Dean W. Richardson

    CHAPTER 20 Fetlock Fractures and Luxations

    C. Wayne McIlwraith

    CHAPTER 21 Fractures of the Proximal Sesamoid Bones

    Ian M. Wright

    CHAPTER 22 Fractures of the Condyles of the Third Metacarpal and Metatarsal Bones

    Ian M. Wright and Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 23 Arthrodesis of the Metacarpo/Metatarso-Phalangeal Joint

    Larry R. Bramlage

    CHAPTER 24 Fractures of the Third Metacarpal/Metatarsal Diaphysis and Metaphysis

    Robert K. Schneider and Sarah N. Sampson

    CHAPTER 25 Third Metacarpal Dorsal Stress Fractures

    Alan J. Nixon, Sue Stover, and David Nunamaker

    CHAPTER 26 Fractures of the Small Metacarpal and Metatarsal (Splint) Bones

    Lisa A. Fortier and Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 27 Fractures of the Carpus

    C. Wayne McIlwraith

    CHAPTER 28 Carpal Arthrodesis

    Larry R. Bramlage

    CHAPTER 29 Fractures of the Radius

    Joerg A. Auer

    CHAPTER 30 Fractures of the Ulna

    Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 31 Fractures of the Humerus

    Alan J. Nixon and Jeffrey P. Watkins

    CHAPTER 32 Shoulder Luxation

    Ashlee E. Watts and Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 33 Fractures of the Scapula

    Stephen B. Adams

    CHAPTER 34 Fractures and Luxations of the Hock

    Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 35 Fractures of the Tibia

    Jeffrey P. Watkins and Sarah Sampson

    CHAPTER 36 Fractures of the Stifle

    Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 37 Fractures of the Femur

    Alan J. Nixon, Larry R. Bramlage, and Steven R. Hance

    CHAPTER 38 Luxation and Subluxation of the Coxo-Femoral Joint

    Norm G. Ducharme and Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 39 Fractures of the Pelvis

    Norm G. Ducharme and Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 40 Fractures of the Vertebrae

    Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 41 Fractures of the Head

    Anton E. Fuerst and Joerg A. Auer

    CHAPTER 42 Medical Aspects of Traumatic Brain Injury in Horses

    Stephen M. Reed

    SECTION 3 Postoperative Aspects of Fracture Repair

    CHAPTER 43 Systems for Recovery from Anesthesia

    John B. Madison

    CHAPTER 44 Post Anesthetic Myopathy

    Robin D. Gleed and Manuel Martin-Flores

    CHAPTER 45 Implant Removal

    Alan J. Ruggles

    CHAPTER 46 Orthopedic Implant Failure

    David M. Nunamaker

    CHAPTER 47 Delayed Union, Nonunion, and Malunion

    Norm G. Ducharme and Alan J. Nixon

    CHAPTER 48 Osteomyelitis

    Laurie R. Goodrich

    CHAPTER 49 Stress Induced Laminitis

    Scott Morrison

    CHAPTER 50 New Implant Systems

    Joerg A. Auer

  • Alan J. Nixon, BVSc, MS, Diplomate ACVS, is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Director of the Comparative Orthopaedics Laboratory at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA, and orthopedic surgeon at the Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists private practice in New York City, New York, USA.