• Chronic pain is unlike acute pain, it lasts beyond the time necessary for healing and resists normal treatment. No one patient feels pain in the same way and yet in veterinary medicine the patient's gain is generally assessed based on a single standard.

    There is an increasing focus in veterinary medicine on measuring and resolving pain and suffering. This focus is being supported by an increased understanding of pain neurophysiology, a greater offering of innovative pharmacological treatments, and consumer demand.

    This book is written for the veterinary health care professional seeking a greater depth of knowledge in the mechanisms of pain accompanying chronic disease states, and the potential targets for treatment. It goes beyond common protocols by focusing on the latest evidence and our understanding of 'why and how to treat'. It describes and evaluates current physiological and biochemical theories of pain transmission, without losing sight of the practical need for such information.

    Chronic Pain in Small Animal Medicine provides a foundation for advances in animal care and welfare and is of value to veterinarians in practice and training.

  • Section I
    Physiology of Pain
    Pathophysiology of Pain
    Pathophysiology of Cancer Pain

    Section II
    Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS)

    Section III
    Multimodal Pain Management
    Pain management for Canine Osteoarthritis
    Chronic Eye, Ear and Dental Pain and its Therapy

  • Dr. Fox received his M.S. and veterinary medical degrees from the University of Illinois, and M.B.A. (entrepreneurialism and new ventures) and Ph.D. (pain management) degrees from Massey University in New Zealand. Dr. Fox served on the faculty of the veterinary teaching hospital at Mississippi State University, as product manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, senior lecturer in companion animal orthopedic surgery at Massey University, senior veterinary specialist at Pfizer Animal Health, and Director of Pain Management at Novartis Animal Health.

    Prior to his career in veterinary medicine, Dr. Fox graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy, and flew more than 300 combat missions as a naval aviator in Vietnam while serving concurrently as Officer of the Deck aboard the USS Enterprise. He enjoys dual U.S. and New Zealand citizenship, is a certified small animal surgical specialist in New Zealand, president of the Veterinary Orthopedic society for 2004, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois, advisor to the University of Tennessee Pain Center, founding member of the Companion Animal Pain Management Consortium Leadership Council and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management.

    Dr. Fox has authored more than 80 professional publications, 2 textbooks, 5 textbook chapters and 2 interactive CD/DVDs.