• The scope of book has relevant and important informations on some of the popular tamed birds reared as pet in cages. Among these Parrots and Mayana are companion species capable of learning and limited conversation with members of the house. Bulbul, partridges and pigeon are used for sports. Owners of these birds expect guidance for care and management from the experts of poultry science because so far there appears to be no school on the management of such avian species.
    Incorporation of these avian species in the book is expected to enrich the knowledge of students and teachers of the Avian and Poultry Science.

  • 1 Introduction

    2 Feeds of Poultry

    3 Nutrients

    4 Function of Nutrients

    5 Feed Additives

    6 Anti-nutritional Factors in Poultry Feed Ingredients

    7 Harmful and Toxic Fungi in Foods (Mycotoxicosis and Mycoses)

    8 Physical Quality Assay of Feeds

    9 The Digestive System, Digestion, Absorption and Metabolism

    10 Poultry Feed Processing Technology

    11 Feed Formulation for Poultry

    12 The Ratites (Flightless Birds)

    13 Eggs and Meat for Food

    14 Red Jungle Fowl

    15 Domestic Fowl (Gallus domesticus)

    16 Pea Fowl (Pavo spp)

    17 Jananese Quail (Coturnix cotunix)

    18 Partridges

    19 Turkey (Meliagridis sp)

    20 Parrots

    21 Pigeon (Columba livea)

    22 Bulbul (Pycnonotus)

    23 Mayana/Mynah/Myna (Strunidae birds)

    24 Saras Crane (The grus)

    25 Swan (Cygnus spp)

  • Nityanand Pathak, President, Pashu Poshan Kalyan Samiti, India