• This radiographic atlas familiarises the equine practitioner with all common and uncommon features of the various bone and joint diseases of the equine limbs.

    Illustrated with high quality radiographs, the clinical significance of each image is described and defined, and schematic drawings help to observe small obscure details and to summarise "characteristic" lesions. Many new illustrations have been added to this second edition covering all parts of the equine limbs, with emphasis on the various lesions of the foot, fetlock abnormalities and carpal disorders as well as the hock and stifle. The text contains specific case studies and offers clear descriptions of the radiographic or differential diagnosis.

  • Contents
    Contents include:
    Pastern Joint
    Fetlock Joint
    Cannon and Splint Bones
    Hock Joint
    Stifle Joint and Pelvis

  • Kees Dik

    Ghent University | UGhent · Department of Medical Imaging